Join the original HOOLIE BAND for a fusion of funk disco and folk music that's just perfect for dancing. Hoolie dances are simple to learn and fun, we teach you everything on the night. Dance freestyle or in groups, it's up to you.

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The Band

Steph PirrieVocals, Whistle, Dance Caller
Colin WilsonAccordion
Ashton MillsFiddle
Will HoneGuitar
Toby BennettDrums
Al PirrieBass

The Hoolie Band

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Inspiration ...

  • People need more dancing in their lives
  • Disco music is brilliant to dance to
  • Folk music is brilliant to dance to
  • Disco and ceilidh are completely made for each other.
  • Bass players in a traditional ceilidh band don’t get that much to do.
  • Ceilidh dancing needs more finger pointing.

The Hoolie Band